NEW! California Global Biodiversity Working Group

Many California stakeholders agree: We must speak up for strong policies to protect nature both locally and globally since we live in an inter-connected world. Since 2020, a coalition of dozens of environmental organizations and elected officials — working at the local, state, and national levels — have supported California’s engagement in the UN Convention […]

Feminist Action for Climate Justice: A UN Women Action Coalition

I’m honored to consult with UN Women as the Thematic Lead of their Feminist Action for Climate Justice Action Coalition. Feminist Action for Climate Justice, one of six action coalitions under UN Women’s “Generation Equality” initiative, brings together governments, civil society, youth-led organizations, international organizations, the private sector and philanthropy to articulate a multi-stakeholder and […]

In Geneva for Global Biodiversity Treaty Negotiations

Global negotiations are underway for a strategy to unite all efforts to protect our ecosystems. By protecting ecosystems, we not only protect biodiversity, we protect our sources of food, water, and even air to breathe. Since March 12, I’ve been based in Geneva, Switzerland with a delegation of University of Cambridge Conservation Leadership Alumni Network […]

Foundations for Change: PAJE Sets the Stage for 2022

If you follow news about our climate or nature, our outlook can seem pretty grim. But PAJE believes in the power of strong foundations for change, and that’s what we’ve been working towards, especially in collaboration with leaders and organizations. We are heartened that from local governments and organizations to grassroots movements, a smart ground […]

California Speaks Up for Global Biodiversity in China

California Natural Resources Secretary Wade Crowfoot contributed this statement at the first part of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity’s 15th Conference of Parties (COP15 part 1)! This event was a direct result of dozens of California nonprofits coming together to ask California to lead on the global stage — a campaign spearheaded by PAJE. […]