California Speaks Up for Global Biodiversity in China

California Natural Resources Secretary Wade Crowfoot contributed this statement at the first part of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity’s 15th Conference of Parties (COP15 part 1)! This event was a direct result of dozens of California nonprofits coming together to ask California to lead on the global stage — a campaign spearheaded by PAJE. […]

California Success: from Biodiversity Campaign to COP 26 Action

In spring 2020, dozens of environmental organizations and leaders — in a campaign spearheaded by Rosalind Helfand — joined the call for California to become an official observer to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. In December 2020, CA Natural Resources Secretary Wade Crowfoot announced that California was on board! We did not predict the […]

The Roddenberry Foundation Funds the Omega Sci-Fi Awards

For over seven years, Rosalind Helfand has directed the Omega Sci-Fi Awards. This nonprofit program — which runs throughout the year — is an investment in the thinkers of tomorrow. High school students from across Los Angeles County write short science fiction stories to imagine creative solutions to our environmental and social challenges. And, writers […]

360 Environmental Sustainability Planning Made Accessible

PAJE Consulting is now offering “360 Environmental Sustainability Planning”! While many large companies employ full time in house environmental sustainability and resilience experts, this service is often inaccessible to small nonprofits, businesses, and even small government organizations. Using our collaborative approach to consulting, we are offering “health checks,” including strategic and communications planning, for both […]